About Economikat

Welcome! Hola! I’m Katia, a nationally recognized money and business expert, financial educator, entrepreneur, founder, and content creator of Economikat. I created this educational platform because I want to provide you with the necessary tools, that you can use to start building wealth and succeeding with your business and your finances.

We all deserve to be wealthy. Women deserve to be wealthy. Women of color deserve to be wealthy. As a Latina and WOC myself, I also think that the Latinx, Black, and communities of color need access to financial literacy and entrepreneurship tools in order to build wealth for them and for the generations to come.

My mission is that you learn something valuable, that guides you on your unique wealth-building journey.

My Background

I graduated with a BA in Economics from Florida International University. Later, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in International Business at FIU followed by a Master’s degree in Finance from Penn State University. While studying, I started working in corporate finance.

From all those jobs and classes, something caught my attention: the low percentage of women in the room, especially Latinas, Black and WOC. Also, during this time I was living paycheck to paycheck and had almost 40k of consumer debt. I worked in corporate finance, but didn’t learn personal finance in school. Didn’t know how important was to start investing early, didn’t save my emergency funds, never paid more than minimum on my credit cards, didn’t invest for my retirement….everything I learned from my own financial struggles and money mismanagement during college sparked an interest in me and that’s why I created Economikat, a community to help women win with their money and feel financially confident.

I’m happy to have you here amigas and let’s build wealth together! Si, se puede!

Let’s Make Money Moves!

Be healthy & wealthy,

Katia Chesnok