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23 Jun    About Me

Welcome! I’m Katia, the content creator behind Economikat and I love talking about Money. I created this blog because I want to educate and most importantly provide you with the necessary tools for you to start building wealth and controlling your finances.

We all deserve to be wealthy. Women deserve to be wealthy. As a Latina and WOC myself, I also think that the Latinx, Black and communities of color need financial literacy tools to be wealthy.

My mission is that you learn something valuable here, that guides you on your unique wealth-building path.

My Background

I graduated with a BA in Economics and Business from Florida International University. Later, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in International Business at FIU and a Master’s degree in Finance from Penn State University. While studying, I started working in banking for more than twelve years.

From all those jobs and classes, something caught my attention: the low percentage of women in the room, especially Latinas and WOC. This and what I learned from my own financial struggles and money mismanagement during college (including more than 40k consumer debt which I paid off, while side hustling when I had a full-time job in banking) sparked an interest in me of creating this blog, this community to help women win with their money. Thank you for being here!

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